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Q. Why do we need a co-signer?

A. Since we are a private lender with no Federal insurance for loan failures, we need a cosigner with equity in their owned home to guarantee the payments. It is the company policy that we must have a good co-signer. Your co-signer is guaranteeing the payment of the loan or the payment of the rent.


Q. Who is a co-signer?

A. Your co-signer is someone who knows you better than we do.

A person who knows and loves you, that will stand by you, and be financially responsible with you for past payments and damages.

Your co-signer is someone willing to sign on the note or rental agreement, and guarantee the payment of the debt, if you cannot do so.

Usually it is a parent, grand-parent, or an adult child, who will act as your co-signer.


Q. Who can be your co-signer?

A. Anyone that owns their own home in Sandusky County, or any County that touches Sandusky County.


Q. Does this affect their credit or credit score?

A. Signing as co-signer does not affect their credit, so long as you make your monthly payments as promised.

The cosigner is not restricted in any way financially.

The only time it would affect their credit is if YOU do not pay.

If you do not pay, then we contact your co-signer.  they have to understand they will pay if you don’t pay.

If we have to take you to a court of law for non-payment, the co-signer becomes liable as well as you.


Summary: We are looking for you to make your payments on time and in full.

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